Magazine en inglés

Magazine nª 12: Here we are, as usual, at the end of the course to show all of you, students, parents, curious internet surfers, readers, what we have done, how much we have worked throughout the year; to share with you all the writings we have devised, planned and written. As we usually say, it is always good to read these articles and writings with an open mind; they are not perfect and we don’t want them to be. There will be mistakes – some silly, some awful – but at the end of the day, this is the way we learn: from our mistakes. And yes, it is good to compare! If you have a look at the writings in the first course ESO and then read the essays in the 2nd course BACH, the difference is obvious. Mainly because this is a process and it is usually at the end of the process when you obtain the results, not at the beginning. Of course, if you compare, you can see a big difference in the quality of English, but also in the maturity of the layout, the depth of the scope and so on. You don’t have to believe us; just dive into these pages and enjoy our – YOUR – work. Thank you!