Our homework: all new with you

This is the 13th time we meet to show anyone interested the work done in English throughout the year. This edition is extremely long– 150 pages. This only proves how much we at San José del Parque work. This doesn’t mean that

work is perfect – it wouldn’t be realistic. In fact, it is a good idea to see other people’s mistakes, check what you can and can’t do, compare and decide how to improve. Because that exactly is the way we learn.

We all agree that books give you the basis, but it is practice that makes you perfect. And practice is what you can read here.

The texts have not been edited, which means that you will read them as they were created. Read them carefully and you will notice how rich the magazine is: there is from the simplest personal description to the very complicated C1 proposal. And from all of them there is something new that you can learn.

So then, read, learn and enjoy; that’s what this magazine is meant for.