Maristas San José del Parque


The lovable Geppeto, his favourite puppet and all the other toys are waiting for you in this wonderful adaptation of a children's classic. Join Pinocchio in his adventures and discover the amazing world of this unique wooden boy. Emotion, tenderness and fun are awaiting you with the rhythm of vibrant music, so take off your dunce's cap, come and learn English with the fun tunes that we have prepared especially for FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD GRADE OF PRIMARY!!!


This Friday 27th of May in the morning students from 1st and 2nd grade of Primary Education will go to Playground number 1 where the following activity will take place: playing with a Thematic gymkhana (in English) with their English Passport. Each group will go to 8 countries...

Keep calm my dear

Stay calm!! Stay in your seats and nobody will be left indifferent, because the maddest, craziest comedy of the season is about to begin. Anything can happen in the hands of these unfortunate characters. A show full of humour and...

We are bilingual

El proyecto bilingüe que nos propusimos hace unos años sigue impulsando muchas de las actividades que programamos tanto para los alumnos como para los profesores. Entre estos últimos, los hay que viajan al extranjero (Marta, Cristina...) para perfeccionar su nivel, o quienes desarrollan cursos en España como el que

En Irlanda

Los alumnos de San José del Parque que han viajado a Irlanda ya han comenzado con normalidad su curso de inglés en Moyle Park, un colegio marista ubicado en un barrio residencial de Dublín. La acogida con las familias se ha desarrollado con éxito y poco a poco se van habituando a horarios, costumbres y modos